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Many of our sustainability initiatives depend on the people and businesses we work with throughout the jewellery industry, and we hope that working together will create change. Through it all, we remain devoted to systemic change, flexible problem solving, and a collaborative approach to progress.

From the outset, we at Taylor & Hart have been committed to leaving the jewellery world a little better than how we found it. Whether that means getting people reconnected to the magic of bespoke designs, or pushing for a new set of ethical standards within our industry.

Jewellers typically depend on a complex supply chain of mines, manufacturers and suppliers in order to make a single piece of fine jewellery. Given the number of stages it takes to produce precious materials, it can be hard to trace the exact origins of the metals or gemstones used to make a single engagement ring.

Choosing Rubies That Mean Something

Up until now, these opaque practices within our supply chains have been accepted as the way things are. But we don’t think this has to be the case, and we’re taking a stand.

Today we’re announcing our exciting new partnership with Greenland Ruby, an innovative and sustainable gem miner based in southwestern Greenland.

Seeing as all Taylor & Hart rings are crafted with a ruby hidden within the band, ensuring all our Signature Ruby gemstones come from a sustainable and ethical source ensures that you can grow old with your ring knowing it was made with a better future in mind.

Greenland ruby

What sets Greenland Ruby apart is that they offer us a certificate of origin with each batch of rubies so that we know exactly where these gemstones have come from and who benefits from their production.

This may seem small, but the fact is that many suppliers in our industry are not transparent and traceable. Certifying that all gemstones are traceable from mine-to-market is a factor which the UN has stated is a primary way to eliminate environmental and social abuses from our industry. By supporting gem miners who fulfill this ethical duty, we’re sending a message to all our peers that this should be the new normal.

Our Signature Rubies now come from Greenland Ruby’s Aappaluttoq mine site, which is a unique mine for several reasons. This site will be fully restored to its natural state one the mine has reached the end of its lifecycle, allowing the land to be reclaimed by the surrounding ecosystem.

As a business, this mine site has been developed in accordance with rigorous social and human rights standards, ensuring the majority-Greenlandic workforce enjoy the fair and safe working conditions assured to them through Greenland’s strict legal standards.

We’re incredibly proud to be making this partnership with the team behind the most advanced gemstone mine in the Arctic. And to top it all off? These rubies are some of the oldest and most stunning in the world. With rich, velvety tones and a lush sparkle, we can wait for you to see one of these rubies nestled on the inside of your ring’s band.



If you want to find out more about Greenland Ruby and their membership in the Ethical Jewelry Council, you can visit their website.

To explore the possibilities for your own Signature Ruby, you can read more here.

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