Meet The Designers

Our creative team believes that fine jewellery shouldn’t just be beautiful, it should express a love story and captivate your heart. Our designers mix artistry with expertise to bring your ring ideas to life, and use their experience in crafting and gemstones to ensure you find the perfect ring.

Before starting on your unique design, we’d love for you to get to know your designer. Read their profile to learn a little bit about who they are and what they bring to their creative practice.



Design Consultant

María comes from a Spanish family deeply involved in the arts, with creativity surging through her veins.

More about Maria


Design Consultant

Aline is a passionate creative who beat the odds to carve out her vibrant path in the jewellery industry.

More about Aline


Design Consultant

Emily’s love of all things vintage keep her creative flame burning bright when designing exciting engagement rings.

More about Emily


Design Consultant

Combining her technical precision with her creativity, Simeï’s artistic sensibility shines through in all her engagement ring designs.

More about Simeï


Design Consultant

Hailing from Canada, Mark brings with him an extensive background in theatre, which lends a certain flair for the arts to each of his designs.

More about Mark


Design Consultant

With a background in art and design, Juliet fell in love with the jewellery world through exploring the art form during university.

More about Juliet

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