Taylor & Hart Story

We’re redefining the rules of engagement by embracing what makes jewellery magical—creating heartfelt custom engagement and wedding rings that capture your story.

Our story is a personal one.

It all started when a friend of ours, Piers, wanted to design a ring for his girlfriend. He was looking for something entirely one of a kind—just like his partner, Jenny. After careful sourcing, sketching, and plenty of secret meetings, our first bespoke ring was created. Beautifully unique and deeply personal.

From there, a dream shared by two friends took shape—to put the magic back into bespoke jewellery.

Over the years, Taylor & Hart has expanded across the world into a lively and devoted team of creative thinkers. But even though we’ve grown into a widespread and diverse community, we’ve never let go of our commitment to offering a heartfelt and hands-on approach to engagement ring design.

Putting you at the heart of the process

By allowing for such close collaboration between our customers and our team, we offer an experience unlike the rest by giving you full freedom to express your love story.

Whether it’s a new love or old flame, your first time, or fifth time, love has no rules. No set template. And neither do our rings.

Designed by you, crafted by us

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