Canada Mark Diamonds

We are suppliers of Canadamark diamonds, certified diamonds of Canadian origin. We have access to a selection of GIA certified diamonds, all Canadamark™ hallmarked with certification that details where each diamond originated. Each Canadamark diamond is inscribed with with their certification number, which can also be verified on the Canadamark website.

canada mark diamond inscription

Canadamark mindfully sources diamonds so that you can feel empowered to define and celebrate your own life milestones.

Although supply is limited, each of our diamond searches is bespoke and we can source a range of diamond shapes, sizes, colors and clarities with fully traceable credentials, dependent on your requirements.

A Canadamark diamond is typically more expensive than diamonds without source certification, as there is a premium at every stage of the supply chain.

What are Canadamark diamonds?

The Canadamark™ hallmark program is a strategic initiative of Dominion Diamond Corporation to assure the integrity of the supply chain of Canadian diamonds from mine to retailer. The program supports local communities by investing in infrastructure, education, healthcare, and training for their employees.

It gives the end consumer confidence in the origin, history and process of their polished diamond.

This unique number can be entered online to verify the diamond’s authenticity and origin. You will need your serial number and polished diamond weight which will be provided in your documentation.

canada mark card

Every Canadamark diamond comes with the reassurance that it is:

  • Responsibly mined in Canada
  • Untreated
  • Traceable to the mine
  • Meets specific quality standards

As part of our service, we can provide traceable Canadamark diamonds originating from the Ekati and Diavik mines in Canada. These mines in the North of the country are governed with stringent regulations that ensure the environment and those who live there are protected.

Diavik Diamond Mine Canada Mark

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